4-6 September 2013 Limerick (IE)
open access

IMCW2013: The 4th International Symposium on Information Management in a Changing World

Cloud computing has transformed the ways in which both individuals and enterprises make use of IT services and network infrastructure within the last decade. Everything including infrastructure, platforms, applications, software, data, and communication is now seen “as a service”.

Information, the life-blood of scientific progress, economic growth and social development, is mostly produced, disseminated, used, shared and re-used in digital formats nowadays. Science, industry and business enterprises tend to become “information” enterprises in that even “money” as matter gets converted to “bits” so as to be stored digitally in computers and transmitted as “information” over the network. Enterprises have tended to spend well over 70% of their time and money to support the information technologies (IT) and network infrastructure. Now they embrace cloud-based services to manage information more efficiently and effectively. As information managers we must now look Beyond the Cloud, collaborate in order to innovate and inspire while trying to predict what the future holds.